Havana Design Workshop


  • ateliers
  • recherche et dev.
  • réemploi
  • recyclage
Date de réalisation 2018
Lieu La Havane
Soutiens Wilfredo Prieto, Ambassade de France à Cuba


Rien ne se perd, rien ne se crée, tout se transforme.
Une expérimentation au coeur du design cubain du 14 au 24 Juin 2018.

À la fin de l'année 2017, les créateurs cubains Raiko Valladares et Daniela Friedman lance l'organisation d'un évènement basé sur l'échange d'expériences et de savoir-faire entre designers cubains et designers internationaux. Vingt-deux designers, 11 Cubains et 11 internationaux ont été invités à un échange d’expériences créatif sur les thèmes de la créativité forcée, de la créativité collective, de l’artifice non intentionnel, autant d'approches qui ont conduites à une culture très populaire sur l'île.


At the beginning of the 1990s, with the fall of the socialist camp, a period of socio-economic crisis left a very penetrating mark on the life habits of the Cuban people, a time known as the « Special Period » characterized by strong shortages and material needs that forced Cubans to adapt to the conditions of a new ecosystem.


Born between the mid-1980s and 1995, this generation of Cuban designers has known the challenges of a society characterized by extreme scarcity. As a result, they grew up with a keen sense of recycling, what one might call « forced creativity” and « technological disobedience » , a concept wrote by Ernesto Oroza, a Cuban designer who theorized about the object, graphic and imaginary production of the Special Period. This «spirit» of adaptation and improvisation has been an integral part of the artistic trajectory and creative DNA of current Cuban designers.

The workshop is a place to create and experiment ideas, which allows international designers to exchange and free themselves from the methodologies and / or dogmatism of consumer societies, from the Cuban scenario where information resources move in different ways (change perspectives). In turn, exchange new visions from a different cultural, material and professional thoughts (absorb perspectives).


The goal is to create one of a kind conceptual art / design pieces, functional or not, from the collaboration in pairs or groups between Cuban and international designers. Students of design and architecture schools will also participate, collaborating with the groups.

The result is an exhibition of the products made, utilitarian (or not), with high conceptual value, a collective production fruit of a dialogue in a week of work and exchange of thought.


The workshop took place in the Wilfredo Prieto Studio (6/9 and 11, Miramar, Havana), a former shipyard on the banks of the Almendares River in Havana.